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Liberal Educators Talking Points


Richard A. Middleton pathetically tried to dismiss claims of bias by saying that Barbara Geerdes was merely trying “to spark discussion among her students about political philosophies and bias…” I criticized this in my post as simply Middleton covering Geerdes’ biased ass.

That defense was used before in Denver where a liberal English professor had his students write a critical piece on Sarah Palin.

Here’s the TV report:

The spokeswoman in the YouTube video had this to say:

What the faculty’s responsibility is is to provide an opportunity for critical thinking and also civic engagement, so bringing something of relevancy into the classroom was the faculty member’s goal. Should he have broadened it and included all of the political figures? Yes

Again, as the spokeswoman touches on, how is a one-sided essay going to promote civic engagement and critical thinking? True, conservative students would be forced to be critical of Palin, but liberal students would bask in their bashing of Palin, which doesn’t challenge their own views at all. If the teacher truly wanted a discussion he would have students write about any politician or have his students write two essays each of which include a hot topic politician from each side. 

The teacher had other charges against him with students saying he cussed out Republicans and said one of his favorite activities was Bush bashing. Sounds like a talking point to cover for professors who lack critical thinking and objectivity skills.

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