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Cover the tracks


The North East Independent School District Superintendent, Richard A. Middleton,  has replied to the incident in Texas in which a teacher that passed out a clearly biased handout in her government class.

TexasGOPVote has the whole letter, in which Middleton covers his ass explains away this simple misunderstanding. Middleton states:

The intent of the Roosevelt teacher was to use this document to spark discussion among her students about political philosophies and bias, but without clarification of that intention in the materials, it could be misconstrued as the teacher’s and District’s beliefs.

This would be true, but I posted a screenshot  from the teacher’s class website that disproves this:

The document is titled “Comparative Definitions” and lists just that, a bunch of definitions, thus its intent was probably for students to learn the terms. What other reason could there be? Students do not debate whether or not definitions are biased, at least that isn’t what this documents seems to intend for. So why does there include a comment about conservatives being about the status quo, which directly matches what she wrote in her biased handout? Anyone who says that a comment about conservatives and status quo is not negative or biased is absolutely wrong, since this is a charge leveled against conservatives by talking points spouting lefties all the time. Short article about this here.

This teacher brought in this handout that, according to Middleton, was not a part of the curriculum, and showed it to her students. It looks like this teacher either wrote the handout herself or used it from an obviously biased source. Interestingly enough, if she did intend to “spark a discussion” why did she bring a handout that trashed conservatives and praised liberals? Why not bring in a handout that trashed and praised both? That would be a far more reaching and informative lesson than one that is based upon bashing conservatism. 

Perhaps she is just interested in maintaing status quo?


Here’s a screenshot from Richard A. Middleton’s Facebook:

He supports Gabe Quintanilla for Judge. Surprise, surprise: Quintanilla is a Democrat.

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