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More private schools.


Picture comes from TexasGOPVote

No words needed. 

More on Barbara Geerdes:

No shocker that she is liberal, since she is a government employee after all. Link shows she has been teacher at Roosevelt High School in San Antonio, Texas since 2004 and makes $53,390.

Her class website can be found here

She has a Word Document which shows her definition of the Conservative Party  which reiterates the status quo comment:

Her biography states:

I am a native Texan and have lived in San Antonio since 1974.  I have lived in the North East ISD for all of those 30-plus years, except for the four years I was attending college at Texas A & M University.  I earned my degree in History from Texas A & M in 1993 and began teaching in 1994.  I am married and have two wonderful children. In fact, I love to share stories about how funny and cute my kids are, so beware! 

This year begins my sixteenth year of teaching (wow!), my sixth at Roosevelt.  I am a card-carrying History/GoPo (Government & Politics) Nerd and manage to bring it in to everything I do and teach.  I absolutely love the courses I teach and hope to spread some of the joy of Social Studies to my students.


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