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Liberals: Teabaggers are vile and hateful…I hate them…


Founding Bloggers is posting that one of the egg throwers at the Searchlight Rally could have been a man named Jesse Walker.

Jesse Walker is the Chairman of the Las Vegas IBEW Local 357. He even started a Facebook page for them:

They describe themselves as “the political arm [of the] local IBEW union.” 

Jessie’s Facebook reveals more:

Jessie Walker Facebook

He is a member of the group “NEVADA TEA BAGGERS DON’T REPRESENT US! Counter-Rally in Searchlight 3/27” on Facebook.

Here’s the screen from a YouTube video to compare:

All evidence points to this being the guy.

More fun: Why does the aforementioned group have pictures that include the Tea Party rally right next to photos showing their small rally? Are they trying to make the appearance that they had a lot of people?

Photos (clockwise from the top left) 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9 are pictures from the Tea Party Rally. Similar photos can be found here and here.

More screenshots from the Searchlight Counter-Rally Facebook

Liberals being peaceful

Liberals never make death threats. K?

Us Teabaggers are in bed with Hitler. Original. 

Constable O’Hare is on a roll with his liberal logic.

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