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In which watching a stand-up psycho is extra credit


A screenshot of an extra credit assignment from a sociology class:

Here’s a description (emphasis mine) from HuffPo about Bill Maher’s “But I’m Not Wrong”:

In the special, Maher’s going to address whether the “Great Recession” is really over; the fake patriotism of the right wing; what goes on in the mind of a terrorist; why Obama needs a posse instead of the secret service; the drug war; Michael Jackson; getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan; racism; the Teabagger movement; religion; the healthcare fight; why Gov. Mark Sanford will come out looking good, and how silly it is to ask “Why do men cheat?”; and why comedy most definitely didn’t die when George Bush left office.

To be fair, the teacher is asking for opinions on the comedy routine, but why ask students to watch hate-filled rants that are only going to further their misconceptions about the right wing? Remember, Bill Maher is a man who questioned whether Trig Palin was actually the son of Bristol Palin rather than Sarah Palin.

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