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Is Max Blumenthal another race-baiter?


Max Blumenthal caused a stir when he asserted James O’Keefe was a racist based on debunked allegations. He has yet to respond to a correction request from BigJournalism and Retracto, the Correction Alpaca (to be fair, Salon has corrected  Blumenthal’s post).

This isn’t the first time Blumenthal has painted the right wing as being racist. In fact, he shot a video entitled “Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama’s Cairo Address.”  The video portrayed drunk college students in Israel calling Obama the n-word, a terrorist, and  questioning where he was born among obnoxious showings. One young man in the video even screamed “White power, f*** the n***.” It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it isn’t exactly good journalistic practice to be interviewing drunk people on their opinions of anything (you’re likely to get a slurred, rambling response full of obscenities that sounds something like this). It absolutely doesn’t mean that the inflammatory comments made by the college students are okay, they were definitely in the wrong, but certainly their under-the-influence attitude does not reflect that of the Jewish community or that of Israel. Blumenthal, as a “journalist,” should know this.

The video was extremely controversial and this led to its removal from YouTube. Blumenthal immediately blamed “right-wing Jewish elements” for the removal.

Matthew Vadum over at Big Journalism has more on Max Blumenthal and his tactics.

On the subject of race, Wanda Sykes was on NBC earlier this week criticizing NBC’s Black History Month menu which featured fried chicken. The chef, Leslie Calhoun, who made the menu is black. The chef explains in the video that she has asked to do this for several years and did it as a friendly gesture. So is it racist now that the chef is African American?

When there is St. Patrick’s Day, tons of places serve corned beef and cabbage. Is that racist?

During Italian Heritage Month, would there be a problem serving lasagna?

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