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Fire David Shuster, already


David Shuster always has had contempt for conservatives, so it is no surprise he attacked James O’Keefe after the ACORN scandal. Now that O’Keefe has been arrested (not for wiretapping), he’s getting tingles. He isn’t the only one, of course. The left is salivating over this and perhaps trying to get more charges against O’Keefe, but he did have a showdown with Andrew Breitbart today over the incident:

The tweets Breitbart mentioned are here (I added screenshots below as well):

(And little Dave thinks he’s a journalist? LOL)

Anyways, Breitbart has responded to this on his BigJournalism site here. Interestingly enough he has an email from David Shuster who claims “I don’t have a horse in this race.” Riiighhttt.


More links. O’Keefe’s attorney as well as law enforcement officials claim there was no wiretapping or attempts of such.


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