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Mayday – “The Republicans unquestionably have momentum as 2010 begins”


Democratic representative Evan Bayh may have a hard time being re-elected as he is facing a heated battle versus Republicans. The article mentions that Republican Mike Pence, who currently has a slight lead, doesn’t have the funds that Bayh has, yet that wasn’t a problem for Scott Brown or Doug Hoffman who saw donations go through the roof once they were on the conservative radar.

Beau Biden, son of VP Joe Biden, will not run for his father’s Delaware Senate seat. Even better, the article states that “… Mr. Biden was seen as the only Democrat with a shot at holding onto the seat held by his father until last January.”  Ted Kaufman, the man currently in Biden’s seat the people’s seat, will not be running either.

Arkansas Democratic Rep. Marion Berry is retiring, leaving a golden opportunity for a Republican to take his seat as well.

Meanwhile, Alex Gibbs and fellow moonbat Ed Schultz get into an argument over healthcare. Schultz declares the White House and Dems to be in bed with insurance companies. Like this. The article touches on “liberal disenchantment with the Obama administration” as Schultz questions whether or not Gibbs is in touch with voters.


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