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Getting it right


The Tea Party movement has typically defined itself as not being related to any party as it presents itself as a movement by the people and certainly there are people from the left and the right that have joined in the Tea Party movement. However, the Tea Party Movement is led by a lot of conservatives, holds a lot of right-wing ideals, and is mainly a movement of people on the right wing (many of whom are disillusioned by the current state of the Republican party).

Rep. Michelle Bachmann had this to say on a recent radio show appearance:

…there’s no question that the heartbeat of the tea party movement would be more in line with the mission state of the Republican party certainly than that of the Democrat party. So if the Republican Party is wise, they will allow themselves to be re-defined by the tea party movement. And I hope that that will be the case.


UPDATE: Bachmann on O’Reilly saying that Tea Partiers will become prominent within the Republican Party

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