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Breeze goes quote mining


The Daily Breeze printed headline today: “Councilman says he is ‘proud racist'” with the accompanying description “Rally:  Santa Clarita leader made remark over immigration.”

On their online edition it’s: “Councilman’s comments put him in spotlight”

Why the change? And why delete half the article on the online edition?

To be fair, the Breeze did clarify his statements, which really weren’t racist at all.

The councilman, Bob Kellar, previously read a Theodore Roosevelt quote which states “We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.”

He was speaking at a rally when he reminisced about his previous comment saying:

“I read that comment by Teddy Roosevelt at one of our council meetings a couple years ago. I said, `Folks this is important.’ The only thing I heard back from a couple people was `Bob you sound like a racist.’ I said, `That’s good. If that’s what you think I am because I happen to believe in America. I’m a proud racist. You’re darn right I am.’ ”

They Daily Breeze has video of the remarks on their site. His remarks certainly were politically incorrect and at times he sounded like a crazed individual (as when he states that getting rid of illegals would cure the deficit), but it seems more like a rant from a person fed up with illegal immigrants getting the a free pass from the government while working individuals are having to sacrifice under the recession.

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