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California’s Nightmare


California is resurrecting it’s single payer health care plan with Sen. Mark Leno sponsoring the bill. The bill will be in the Senate next week.

Sources claim that a single payer system could cost between $200-210 billion. Something “That’s roughly double the size of the total state budget” according to the Daily Breeze. By the way, California currently has a deficit of $20 billion. California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring called Democrats “delusional.” Agreed.

Governor Schwarzenegger may veto the bill, as he has vetoed two other similar bills. Interestingly enough, Schwarzenegger proposed his own health care bill which was estimated at costing $14.7 billion, yet was shot down because it was said to be too much money.

Hmm…guess California Democrats don’t think that $210 billion is too much money when it is in their favor.

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