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Somebody has edited Todd Gitlin’s Wikipedia page to include his outrageous quotes from Journolist were published:

Wonder if the ever biased Wikipedia will let it stand.




Unions are violent.

From the Queen Meg 2010 Facebook page that is sponsored by the CNA, we find these gems:

Thank you Lynn Huidekoper for letting us know that we should not mess with the CNA.

Thank you Pat Lynn Weston for threatening Meg Whitman. And thank you CNA for reminding us that “Nurses won’t be pushed around,” rather they will just push others around.  Lefties = peaceful.

Did Obama appoint Shirley Sherrod, the USDA racist?


Apparently so.

Breitbart releases the tapes here.

Who is insubordinate to The One now?


Janeane Garofalo always brings the class in whatever situations arises…

…all while pushing the MoveOn meme that the surge failed

More Private Schools…Part 2


GatewayPundit posted a video of a Los Angeles high school teacher pushing for a Mexican Revolution and talking about “frail, racist white people”:

The teacher’s name is Ron Gochez. Here’s his Facebook with a bunch of gems including his reverence for Castro, Che, and the Black Panthers:

Perhaps this is his Myspace:

Here he is protesting LA’s budget cuts to education:

Why would anyone want this guy teaching their child? Hopefully Ron’s job is included in the next wave of LA budget cuts.

More videos of him and his activities can be found on this YouTube search.

Is the movie ‘Robin Hood’ at all related to the Tea Party movement?


Robin Hood screenwriter, Brian Helgeland, says: “No, no, that would not be good.”

Burning certain flags = hate crime?


A burned rainbow flag was sent to a LGBT center in New York. Some are calling it a “hate crime.” If this is a hate crime, is burning the American flag a hate crime?